WAOʼs Intellectual War Strategy

Tangibly Engage in the Intellectual War Raging in Our Nation



Empower our culture with the pillars of God, family, and country and restore a prosperous, righteous America through intellectual warfare counter measures

Tactical Strategy

Abort and bypass public education and reclaim our youth held hostage. Provide comprehensive, accurate, foundational K-12 content, based on Christian worldview through a  single, easy-to-use solution designed specifically for “The People” of our nation to independently educate themselves and their families.

Weapons Delivery Mechanism

Deploy intellectual counter-weapons packaged as one, comprehensive integrated learning environment designed for individuals, families, churches, private learning institutions and co-ops, and media. Additionally promote through conservative organizations and grassroots efforts.

Tactical Weapons

A single, powerful Integrated Learning Environment (ILE) infused with tactical weapons:

  • Biblical Truth and secular knowledge built upon this Truth
  • transparent and connective educational framework to map out the entire K-12 journey to help facilitate teaching, learning, responsibility, and accountability
  • comprehensive, accurate foundational K12 content defined through a holistic approach that embraces a realistic timeframe for all components of the learning process across all core subjects in order to achieve mastery and truly learn
  • foundational, back-to-basics content that is clearly presented and uncluttered with redundancy and distractions
  • properly sequenced content delivery combined with independent practice that capitalizes on the Trivium and designed to facilitate all age learners and diverse learner needs
  • literature to nurture a Christian life view, Christian worldview, and national pride
  • comprehensive, accurate history, government, and world power initiatives
  • effective written and oral communication skill development tools
  • complete “K-12 in the box” solution that delivers a structured program for both independent and group learning that can be easily and successfully executed
  • technology powered content connected with resource, research, and management tools to facilitate efficient learning and independent practice


WAO delivers a single K12 education solution for all stages of learning regardless of age!

Learning to

the Framework
Building a Strong Foundation
Building Upon
the Foundation
Expanding &
Reviewing and
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