“We the People” Must Educate Ourselves and Our Family

Christian Worldview Education is Essential

Comprehensive, accurate foundational Christian worldview K12 knowledge is essential for life skills, work skills, and to maintain a republic government. This knowledge is essential if “We The People” are to restore a righteous and prosperous nation.

Because of the many years of damage inflicted upon mainstream education, many adults now find themselves lacking in some areas of foundational K12 knowledge. As adults, we must educate or re-educate ourselves and become responsible for educating our family as well.

Beware of the Contaminated Marketplace

So where to turn for this essential knowledge? That’s the problem at hand. The K12 public educational system is hostage and corrupt. The current educational marketplace is heavily damaged and contaminated from intellectual warfare.  It’s full of curricula that is inaccurate, incomplete, fragmented, overburdened with fluff and excessive content, inefficient, redundant, infused with political correctness initiates, liberalism, and socialism, etc. The marketplace lacks K12 foundational content designed for comprehensive, connective, efficient, and successful self teaching.

Education providers have all been marching down the same path, following the federal government’s education mandates tethered with monetary reward. Providers continue to churn out new products that follow a dictated broken approach and agenda that enables the intellectual war raging in our nation. Through mainstream marketplace dominance, private school, homeschool, and religious based curricula all have been exposed to various degrees.

We Need a Solution for “The People”

Our nation needs an education service provider willing to boldly engage in the education crisis in our nation and deliver a solution to “The People” for successful self-education in foundational Christian worldview K12 content. WAO is that education provider.

WAO delivers a single K12 education solution for all stages of learning regardless of age!

Learning to

the Framework
Building a Strong Foundation
Building Upon
the Foundation
Expanding &
Reviewing and
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