America’s Attack Response

Bubble People

While silent, incremental attacks on our nation were successfully veiled, many of us have been in self-absorbed bubbles; comfortably lulled and spoiled by the prosperity of our nation. We’ve been distracted and trusting; unaware of the damage around us.

Complacent People

However, some Americans recognize the raging war and see the damage, but are complacent and unwilling to engage.

Talk Without Action

Then there are others who talk about our nation’s crisis; maybe even are shouting about it. But talk without action is like faith without works. Its dead and empty.

“We the People” Must Act

The veil is now off. The raging war is exposed. Our nation is faced with indoctrination and regulation that is thoroughly entrenched. America is now at the critical apex of a worldview paradigm shift. We are very close to destroying ourselves. ”We the People” must be willing to swiftly and passionately engage in this war, or risk losing our free nation that so many before us fought to establish and preserve.

  • We can no longer be complacent or merely talk about action. It’s time to face reality. It’s time to act.
  • We must shore up our nation’s foundation; restore our relationship with God, empower ourselves with His Word, and revive the family unit.
  • We must educate ourselves in biblical knowledge and secular knowledge based upon biblical Truth
  • We must unite as one nation of people… Americans
  • We must provide for ourselves and our families, and guard our freedoms
  • We must reclaim our republic government
  • We must revive our economy
  • We must strengthen national security

WAO Engages in the Intellectual War

WAO is passionately engaging in this war with a unique “integrated learning environment” designed for “We the People” to self-educate with a single, easy to use curriculum designed for all ages. We deliver foundational K12 content based on Christian worldview steeped in the pillars of God, family, and county.

WAO delivers a single K12 education solution for all stages of learning regardless of age!

Learning to

the Framework
Building a Strong Foundation
Building Upon
the Foundation
Expanding &
Reviewing and
and Updating