Tactical Weapons Deployed Upon K12 Public Education


Education is a battlefield suffering from an agenda cleverly disguised, like a wolf in sheep clothes. Through education policy, government regulation, and reform, tactical weapons were deployed and veiled indoctrination implemented to disempowered our youth and reduce parental authority. Ironically, “We The People” directly funded most attacks on the battlefields of education.

Today, our public education system is severely crippled from over 100 years of attack, and is now hostage.


K12 education is now absent of teaching about our sovereign God or the truth of God’s Word. A look at the tactical objectives accomplished and weapons used:

    Attack Objective: remove biblical teaching and Christian worship
    Weapons: consumed teachable time with humanistic enrichment courses that pushed out teaching of the Word; PC smokescreens on religious freedom; inaccurate interpretation of “separation of church and state”; legislation to prevent worship and religious reference
    Attack Objective: Distort biblical Truth especially at its foundation, creation
    Weapons: man-created truths; science theory of evolution taught as fact; exclusion of biblical creation; discoveries and theories proven untrue continue to be published as truth; humanistic teaching of naturalism, relativism, humanism, etc. that distorted biblical teaching of morals, authority, accountability, charity, etc.; PC initiatives of entitlements, wealth distribution, diversity, social justice, etc masqueraded as biblical charity; literature used heavily to distort Truth and entrench man-created truth


Secular K12 knowledge has been severely attacked with weapons designed to indoctrinate and grasp control of the minds of our youth and reduce parental authority.

Attack Objective: remove parental authority and veil indoctrination
Weapon: discourage student involvement, create a lack of transparency, create complexity and bureaucracy,

Attack Objective: deter student accountability and ability to independently learn
Weapon: withholding big picture learning & comprehensive long term objectives
Weapon: make K12 content illusive, fragmented and disorganized

Attack Objective: reduce K12 core content
Weapon: infuse volumes of enrichment courses that squeeze out time once spent on core content (enrichment courses previously taken outside of the K12 environment)
Weapon: overburden teaching time with resource content (lateral fluff, busy work, …)
Weapon: water-down, dumb down core content to reduce actual teaching time
Weapon: consume teaching time with redundant lessons (taught because of lack of independent practice for mastery and failing students)

Attack Objective: reduce content mastery
Weapon: withhold big picture learning objectives that connect the journey for comprehension
Weapon: require less independent reading that nurtures self teaching; only spoon feed all content and bypass comprehension and application
Weapon: fragment core content with so much resource fluff that essential content is buried or unrecognizable because of so much distraction; textbooks are designed with excessive amounts of intense distractions, graphics, color, etc; too much of a good thing can easily deter learning
Weapon: reduce routine practice and review by infusing so much busy work and fluff that there is little time to achieve long term memory; layered learning was abandoned
Weapon: teach to the test to yield statistics desired
Weapon: reduce or eliminate independent homework
Weapon: shift the educational focus to “experiencing education”

Attack Objective: distort core content
Weapon: teach evolution and ban teaching of creation
Weapon: teach inaccurate and incomplete US and World History
Weapon: teach secular content omitting historical biblical reference

Attack Objective: impair communication skills
Weapon: reduce teaching of English grammar
Weapon: reduce teaching and practice of written communication
Weapon: reduce teaching of spelling

Attack Objective: equalize students
Weapon: mix outlier learning abilities and behaviors to pace learning to the lowest denominator; inhibit acceleration but pace to challenged learners
Weapon: provide academic “redos”, practice tests before the test, and excessive extra credit to inflate grades
Weapon: give rewards of all politically correct and unquantifiable flavors; rewards are no longer earned

Attack Objective: impair effective teaching; set teachers up for failure
Weapon: add burdensome administrative procedure and enrichment programs
Weapon: constantly change teaching approaches and materials
Weapon: provide materials inadequate for effective teaching
Weapon: require classrooms to include challenged learners and additional administrative efforts
Weapon: widen student-teacher ratio
Weapon: overburden teachers time to promote a reduction of homework because of the lack of time to grade it
Weapon: restrict teachers from failing students (NCLB), making each additional year more difficult for another teacher to effectively teach.
Weapon: require teaching to include more diverse “feel good” materials
Weapon: burden teachers with managerial tasks of teaching so that their time is not focused on “teaching” and are less able to provide one-on-one help

Attack Objective: indoctrinate a worldview that is not Christian, stifles national pride, capitalism, teaches humanism, relativism, materialism, feminizes males, masculinizes females, promotes homosexuality, promotes abortion, impurity, gay marriage, etc
Weapon: use classroom and required literature to indoctrinate
Weapon: infuse content with agenda driven resource fluff
Weapon: implement social programs and protocols to indoctrinate


As education became more infiltrated with DOE and NEA policy and more teachers joined the NEA, America’s public school system became hostage. As tactical weapons were deployed, learning began to implode. To veil the apparent damage, grading scales were modified, distractions implemented and core content watered down even more.

Deteriorating learning provided the statistics needed to obtain even greater tax revenue that continued to fund the takeover. Greater federal funding helped to create dependent state school systems mandated to deliver a crippling national agenda. Schools became focused on teaching to the test and inflating grades to ensure their federal funding. Producing educated students was no longer their primary objective.


Increased federal educational funding meant government bureaucracy and union strength grew. Through expansive educational regulation, changing programs, accreditation mandates, government grants, and financial aid, the poisonous agenda gradually contaminated most of the educational marketplace. The textbook and education resource industry has thrived on this agenda of transformation. Through marketplace dominance, the poisonous agenda has now also reached private education as well and is entrenched in most of our nation’s learning institutions.

Through the expansive reach of mainstream education, weapons of intellectual war have infiltrated and disempowered our nation. High school graduates are largely unprepared for the workplace or college. Many American graduates are no longer competitive in the global marketplace. Many even lack life skills essential to take care of themselves. These graduates, our nation’s future, have been disempowered with a worldview of secular humanism and socialism.


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