Weapons Delivery Mechanism: Church, Media, Government

In addition to our nation’s educational system, tactical weapons of incremental indoctrination and regulation were deployed through our churches, media, and government.


The weapon of distorted Truth was silently deployed on Christian churches. As Truth was distorted, man-created truth infiltrated and the apostate church was created. The apostate church facilitated the deterioration of Christian faith and helped nurture the rise of other religions and the faithless in our nation. God’s authority and God’s appointed parental authority were slowly replaced with false man-created authority. The Church failed to see and fight against the spiritual attacks of intellectual warfare.

Our nation’s Christian faith, family life and marriages deteriorated. Child rearing was displaced. Scripture, biblical lessons, and life skills were taught less at home. A nation rose up that lacked self accountability for morality, honesty, personal responsibility, etc. They lacked the empowerment of a relationship with God. The backbone of our nation, the family unit, was systematically disassembled.


The visual and auditory stimulation of TV, radio, technology powered devices make media a powerful, instant delivery mechanism for intellectual warfare. Media has tremendous unopposed access to our daily lives. In entertaining disguises, it consistently delivered untruths, distracted and overburdened our lives, and led many away from God, family, and country. Our nation’s media cleverly delivered both direct and indirect indoctrination content that incrementally robbed our Christian worldview and our national unity. This content powerfully disempowered “The People” and transformed our nation.


Special interest groups, money interests, and policy positions at all levels of government used their tremendous ability to mold and disempower our nation through policy and regulation. They used their power to effect changes to national security, our economy, and the government structure itself. Through burdensome tax and regulation, they increased control over the lives and property of the prosperous. Through entitlement programs they effectively disempowered and control the poor. Through small incremental policy changes supporting diversity, equal opportunity, social justice, political correctness, etc, they silently divided and fragmented “The People”.

As our nation was indoctrinated with a humanistic, secular worldview through education, church, and media, our government instituted incremental policy and regulation to help lock the damage in place and pave the way for faster transformation.


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