Weapons Delivery Mechanism: Educational System

Indoctrinate a Disempowering Agenda…Public Education

A nation’s educational system is an ideally structured delivery mechanism for intellectual war tactics that indoctrinate to change the worldview and culture of a nation. History is proof of this.

In American educational institutions, both biblical and secular education were targeted with tactics to separate us from our Christian faith, our Christian worldview, and our secular knowledge empowered by both. With public education now being mainstream education in our nation, schools are a huge open door to deploy destructive weapons of indoctrination.

Obtain Power to Transform K-12 Education…position educators in power positions

For over 100 years, intellectual war tactics have been silently waged upon our schools. First, post secondary schools were heavily infiltrated with educators to oppose the Christian worldview and Biblical Truth. Once these educators strategically moved into positions of power and influence at major institutions, they were in position to later implement changes that mold our nation’s primary and secondary education to deliver a new worldview. One that was absent of Christian faith and Truth. A worldview that would transform our culture…transform our nation.

Seize Public Education…establish government agency for national education

In 1979, the battleground of K-12 education was politically seized when the Federal Department of Education was added to the presidential cabinet. Federal control quickly expanded and the battleground was systematically secured through legislation, bureaucracy, and unions. The congressionally chartered (1906) NEA, the largest US union, is the special interest group that now largely controls DOE policy and the course of our nation’s educational system. So where do both the DOE and NEA get professional educational direction? They look to the educators that are in key positions in post secondary education. The NEA now easily deploys weapons of policy that destroy the youth of our nation, our nation’s future.

Transform K-12 Education…attack foundational content and infuse agenda

With each attack, the educational pillars and objectives that once empowered “The People” in the foundations of God, family, and country have gradually been distorted or eliminated. Foundational K-12 knowledge has been reduced and distorted. This disempowering agenda has brought about a new humanistic worldview that is thoroughly entrenched and far reaching.

Create Dependent School Systems…funds tethered by mandates insure compliance

Those vying for power and money have silently implemented their agenda of “disempowerment” and shrewdly ensured compliance to these educational mandates though federal funding, a life line that’s been systematically attached to our states.

Contaminate the Education Marketplace…use the power of mainstream public education

Through government grants, financial aid, revenue streams, educational regulation, accreditation, and marketplace dominance, the poisonous agenda has reached private educational institutions as well. Through the expansive reach of mainstream education, weapons of disempowerment are now entrenched in our nation.

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