Strategy of Attack on America

An Attack by Political Powers, Special Interest Groups, and Money Interests

Intellectual War Strategy…based on history

The attack strategy to cripple and disempower America was solidly based on history. History is proof that a frontal attack on our nation would only unite us and strengthen resistance. Therefore, a silent, indirect assault was essential! So for America, an intellectual war strategy was favored over physical, military result-based tactics and immediate force. Intellectual weapons that inflict self perpetuating damage were favored over artillery.

Weapons Deployment Mechanisms…based on history

Like nations before us, our schools, churches, media, and government were the primary delivery mechanisms for deployment of silent tactical weapons of destruction.

Target…our Christian faith and Christian worldview

Every war strategy needs clearly identified targets. It was history that clearly identified America’s targets of assault. History is proof that America was built sequentially upon love of God, family, and country. It’s proof that Christian faith is our nation’s foundation and that God has blessed our nation. So to cripple America, the primary target was to destroy our relationship with God. Citizens would then no longer be empowered by Truth or a Christian worldview. Man-created truth could be infused and secular humanism and materialism nurtured to transform the culture’s worldview. The individual would be disempowered. The backbone of our nation, the family unit, would then fracture. History tells us that self destruction and national deterioration would soon follow.

Target…intellect, national unity, freedoms, self reliance, personal protection

Without God, our Christian faith, and family unity, we would become an unrighteous and weak nation. More silent weapons of intellectual warfare could then be deployed against secondary targets; secular intellect distorted; national unity fragmented; freedoms, self reliance, and personal protection restricted.

Indoctrinated Worldview….harvest the disempowered for greater transformation

Once “The People” were disempowered with a new indoctrinated worldview, then organizers, unions, and special interest groups could easily harvest Americans and unite efforts for greater transformation and target our nation’s economy, government, and security.

End Game…world power, world economy, world government

Through intellectual warfare tactics, America would eventually disempower itself with little or no physical force, making the end-game for world power, a global economy, and global governance more easily attainable.

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