America is Under Attack

Come Out of Your Bubble…There is a War Raging in America!

Silent Attack

Do you hear the sound of ammunition fire? Do you see military tanks rolling down the streets of our nation?  Do you see the physical devastation of war around you?

Don’t be fooled by the lack of these things, because our nation is in fact under full attack. We are at war! Intellectual war! A worldview war! A war to cripple America.

Come out of your self absorbed bubble! Open your eyes! Look around! The damage of war is everywhere, the majority of our nation is wounded. It should be grossly apparent that we are under attack… and have been for a long time!

Devastation of Intellectual War is Everywhere

We have become a nation of citizens who:

  • lack knowledge of biblical Truth and adherence to God’s Word
  • lack personal drive and life skills; fail to be accountable and responsible for themselves; addicted to government funds
  • lack virtue, honor, work ethic, charity, humility, restraint, fiscal responsibility, respect for authority; lack value for marriage and human life
  • place self interest above God, family, and country; consumed with humanism and materialism; distracted with media and entertainment
  • fail to possess foundation K12 knowledge and skills, high school graduates not prepared for either the workforce or college; graduates no longer competitive in the global marketplace
  • lack knowledge of accurate history, our nation’s founding, and its government; lack basic understanding of our national economy and world powers
  • embrace diversity and support class divisions above the unity of American citizenry; possess little national pride
  • complacently allow our republic government to ignore the will of its citizens, expand its power, ignore fiscal responsibility, burden the nation with debt, jeopardize national security and control the economy, education, property, and resources
  • fail to hold the republic’s representatives accountable and allow them to infringe upon its citizens lives, liberty, and freedoms
  • embrace socialist transformation of America and are unaware that it is even socialism; unaware of the small, silent steps that have molded our culture
  • complacently follow a path designed to weaken and force upon our nation a global economy, global governance, and the destruction of the Christian faith
Spiritual and Intellectual Attacks
Physical force or instant results-based tactics were not necessary to cripple our nation. This is the damage of intellectual warfare! This is the damage of strategically planned and tactically executed attacks upon both spiritual and intellectual battlefields all over our nation in an effort to disempower “The People”. This is the damage of over 100 years of gradual, systematic, silent attacks with veiled weapons to destroy our Christian worldview.

Wake Up America!
If this all is news to you, hopefully you are now well outside of your bubble…hopefully more than a little concerned. We can no longer sit with blinders on, be complacent by while others fight this war, or ʻjust talkʼ about doing something! We must face the cold reality around us and get up to speed on the situation. “We the People” must passionately engage!

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