What is Intellectual War?

A Silent Lethal Strategy That Can Cripple a Nation.


What is Intellectual War?

Intellectual war is an effect-based war strategy that utilizes systematic, indirect tactics to deploy silent, consistent, low profile non-violent weapons of destruction. The timing and degree of force used in tandem with intellectual war tactics determines its stealth.

Indoctrination…a powerful weapon to transform a nation’s worldview

One of the most powerful weapons of intellectual warfare is indoctrination; a back-door approach that can cripple or destroy a nation by systematically changing the worldview of its citizens.

Weapons Deployment Mechanism…church, school, media, government

The destructive, new worldview is most successfully implemented through the mechanism of education and use of incremental regulation. Patient, consistence, low-profile assault tactics, deployed through churches, schools, the media, and government can silently transform a nation!

Primary Target…a nations youth

Intellectual war is heavily waged on the minds of a nation’s youth…a nation’s future!  Learning institutions are effectually taken hostage, as they are perfectly structured to silently execute worldview indoctrination and provide the path of least resistance and the ground for greatest success. Through K-12 education, proliferation of self-perpetuated destruction quickly gains momentum and worldview transformation is successful in a relatively short period of time. Like a silent thief, intellectual war can steal a nation’s youth.

Secondary Target…the mature population

Since a nation’s youth quickly rises to adulthood, the mature population becomes a secondary focus. They are more indirectly indoctrinated through media, church, social avenues, and incremental regulation. Bombardment of distraction and overburdening tactics also help to minimize their attention and resistance to indoctrination initiatives.

Silent War Unveils…worldview battles begin

When the indoctrinated worldview approaches mainstream, a cultural paradigm shift begins. The momentum of change is noticed by those not indoctrinated. The massive damage of silent battles lost becomes exposed. With the war unveiled, very apparent worldview battles begin. Some degree of social and governmental force is needed to successfully cross the apex and complete the cultural paradigm shift.

Force Necessary at Some Point…timing and degree of force affects stealth

Intellectual warfare is seldom a winning strategy by itself. However, the timing and degree of force are sensitive variables that affect the stealth of intellectual war. Left silent for long enough, even unveiled, this strategy claims victory because the damage is thoroughly entrenched and often self-perpetuating. The “transformed nation” actually weakens and destroys itself.

Intellectual Warfare is Lethal…history is proof

History, as well as our world today, proves the indirect strategy of intellectual warfare to be successful in crippling and destroying a nation. To a complacent culture, intellectual warfare is lethal.

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