Our Vision

A Tangible Education Solution for “The People”


+Unique Format for K12 Content

Back-to-Basics, Foundational K12 Content

  • Built upon biblical Truth and Infused with Christian worldview
  • Infused with patriotic pride
  • Presented as one connective, efficient, and transparent K12 journey
  • Structured around stages of learning rather than age and grade
  • Delivered as one single body of content appropriate for all age learners
  • Grounded in strong communication skills and comprehensive, accurate social sciences
  • Presented transparently and separate from supplemental content
  • Enriched with supplemental content on demand
  • Developed through a holistic approach that embraces the learning process across all core subjects within the reality of time in order to design a curriculum that can be easily and successfully executed as well as one that promotes mastery and successful learning

+Unique K12 Content Delivery System

An Integrated Learning Environment Designed for “The People”

A single solution that combines K12 content delivery with practice, resource, and management tools. It’s efficient, easy-to-use, and meets the needs of diverse learners and education settings.

+Passionately Reach Out to Our Nation

WAO’s Vision is to Put Feet to Our Mission and Reach Out to “The People”

To promote education and rally the people to empower themselves

  • To impart the necessity of a tandem education foundational in biblical truth and secular knowledge built upon this truth; Christian worldview nurtures a Christian lifeview.
  • To convey that education in biblical and secular knowledge is critical to individual freedom, unity of family, and a free and prosperous nation.
  • To encourage individual education accountability and responsibility.
  • To encourage the establishment of new Christian schools, WAO Co-ops, homeschooling and other independent learning with WOAʼs Integrated Learning Environment.

To promote WAO’s unique Integrated Learning Environment for

  • Individual Students (Adult & School age) & Parents of Students
  • Existing Education Groups (Homeschool Co-ops, Study Groups, etc)
  • Organizations (Religious, Secular, Education, Political, etc)
  • Institutions (Christian Schools, Private Schools, etc)
  • Targeted Learning Needs (gifted, struggling, mobile, displaced, poor options, homeschool, etc)

WAO delivers a single K12 education solution for all stages of learning regardless of age!

Learning to

the Framework
Building a Strong Foundation
Building Upon
the Foundation
Expanding &
Reviewing and
and Updating