WAO Passionately Engages in America’s Education Crisis

“The People” need an education provider passionate about America’s education crisis and willing to…

  • strategically engage in the intellectual war raging in our nation
  • boldly reject special interest groups, political interests, and money interests
  • unapologetically wield the weapon of biblical Truth and secular knowledge built on this Truth
  • boldly abandon the broken approach to K-12 education that merely delivers an educational experience and create a clean-slate, innovative solution that educates
  • purposely design a solution specifically to be placed in the hands of “The People”
  • passionately reach out to “The People” and deploy this education solution

“The People” need an education provider to think outside the box and provide an innovative solution to deliver foundational K12 content…

  • designed as one connective, efficient, and transparent K12 journey
  • developed without redundancy and distractions
  • built upon biblical Truth
  • grounded in comprehensive, accurate history and government
  • infused with patriotic pride
  • presented to facilitate all age learners and diverse learner needs
  • combined with practice, resource, and management tools to facilitate mastery and accountability
  • defined through a holistic process that embraces a realistic timeframe for all components of the learning process across all core subjects in order to achieve mastery and truly learn
  • packaged with all of the above as one single, easy-to-use product throughout the K12 journey

WAO is that passionate education provider!  WAO has that innovative solution!

WAO delivers a single K12 education solution for all stages of learning regardless of age!

Learning to

the Framework
Building a Strong Foundation
Building Upon
the Foundation
Expanding &
Reviewing and
and Updating