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WAO Founder, Frieda T. Melton


Biographic Summary

I am a Christian, wife, mother, United States citizen, and a conservative. By nature I am an analyst and problem solver. By trade, I am an accountant. After 20 years, I retired from my private accounting practice that specialized in operational analysis, business automation, and accounting systems. I am a homeschool veteran, but have also experienced public and private education as both a student and parent.  Along with my husband, L.B. Melton, and daughter, Madison, I reside in Forest, Virginia.

For many years I have been passionately concerned about our nation’s education crisis and have actively worked on a tangible solution. After my retirement in 2010, I began to focus full time on an education solution specifically designed for “The People” of our nation.

Educational Marketplace Journey

In 2004 I began to search for secular and Christian educational products for my daughter. I soon became frustrated with the fragmented and inefficient educational industry and the lack of comprehensive, transparent, and integrated products. Later, the decision to homeschool Madison intensified my need for educational materials and fueled my search. Frustrated, I began writing my own curriculum while continuing the quest for products to help me teach and to help Madison learn.

My search repetitively confirmed my initial frustrations. I was amazed to find serious educational shortfalls to be widespread and not exclusive to any specific educational sector, private or public. Curiosity naturally propelled me into professional analysis mode. I sought to analyze K-12 core educational content, make sense of the fragmented, inefficient industry, and understand why integrated, comprehensive, common sense solutions were missing from the marketplace.

Research Unveiled a Battlefield

As my analysis progressed, it was like putting together a giant puzzle without seeing the picture on the box. With each puzzle piece, the educational shortfalls that I had identified, formed the extending arms of our nationʼs educational abyss. The picture that slowly evolved was a battlefield dominated by a giant educational machine, driven by political agenda, special interest groups, and money interests. Fragmentation, inefficiencies, bureaucracy, etc were part of its arsenal of cleverly veiled weapons. As the pieces connected, it became quite evident there was an “intellectual war” raging in America and its agenda was to silently mold our nationʼs educational system and disempower “The People”. The realization that the educational marketplace is largely driven by this machine, one that once controlled my own education, was quite alarming… but also strongly motivating.

A Passion to Engage and Deliver a Tangible Solution to “The People”

What began as a motherʼs search to meet her daughterʼs educational needs became a passion to restore education in our nation and empower “The People.” WAO boldly abandons the broken approach to education used by our nation and embraces an outside-of-the-box approach to deliver an effective, efficient and empowering tangible education solution directly into the hands of “The People.”

The content on this website broadly summarizes my analysis, vision, and solution.

WAO delivers a single K12 education solution for all stages of learning regardless of age!

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